How to convert multiple Word document to a single CHM?

* This feature requires the professional edition. *

1.    Create an empty Word document as a master document.

2.    Insert an existing document into this master document.

3.    Repeat the step 2 to insert all related documents into the master document.

4.    Save the master document.

5.    Run Word-2-CHM and select the saved master document.

6.    Enable the option “Merge Sub Docs”.

7.    Click the  button to create the CHM.



Using either of following rules is recommended:

1.    Formatting topic headings with heading 6 to heading 9 styles in the master document.

2.    Or set the outline level to start with 6 in the master document.

In this case you do not need to adjust the outline level of sub documents. The only thing you need is to set option Custom Root Level to “6-9” to promote the outline level of the master document.