Do you need to provide your documents both in printed and CHM file format? Do you want to create CHM e-books while you don't have any HTML skills?

Now with Word-2-CHM, you can forget the problems. Word-2-CHM is a tool for converting Word document into CHM help file or CHM e-book.

Creating CHM file is a boring and time wasting job in the traditional way. It may take one week or more to create a CHM file that contains 500 pages, excluding the typing time. And the work should be done again once the content is changed.

With Word-2-CHM, you can create CHM file easily without any HTML or CHM skills. Just prepare your Word document, and the CHM file will be created in seconds with a mouse click. The format and style are kept and the topic tree is created according to the outline of the Word file in the CHM file created by Word-2-CHM.

The command line of Word-2-CHM can be used to generate CHM file automatically.


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