Why Word-2-CHM?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our total cost of ownership is much lower while comparing Word-2-CHMís license price to the competition. Every Word-2-CHM license includes a free one year subscription to online support from the date of purchase and free upgrades for all minor updates. Most tools add on a large maintenance/support fee. There are no hidden costs with Word-2-CHM.


Create and Publish Immediately

Microsoft Word is the most popular program for creating professional documents. Word-2-CHM let you maintain your contents in Microsoft Word. Unlike other tools, there is no need to change your existing Word documents with Word-2-CHM. All your existing Word documents are always ready for publishing!


Nothing New to Learn

You need to learn how to use first when using other tools. That will take you from hours to days. With Word-2-CHM, you focus on the content of the document but not how to create the document. There is nothing new to learn with Word-2-CHM.


Powerful and Flexible Single-Sourcing

Macrobject DocAuto products provide high flexibility for help authors. You create one Word document to author your content and for printing. You may publish it to many different outputs immediately.


Excellent Scalability

Word-2-CHM is template-based and supports add-ins. You may create your own template (theme) and customize your chm easily. You may also create add-ins to implement your requirements with the build-in Nuva scripting engine.


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