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Content Custom Add-in

The Content Custom add-in allows you to customize some contents of the help system.


1.       Show cover page:  Create a cover page according to the contents prior to the first heading.

*    Cover page title:  The topic title for cover page.

*    Custom cover:  Use an image file (Cover image) as cover page.


2.       Remove table of contents and other

*    Index:  Remove Table of Index from the whole document.

*    Contents:  Remove Table of Contents from the whole document.

*    Figures:  Remove Table of Figures from the whole document.


3.       Custom Javascript and Styles:  Add custom scripts and styles into the help system.

*    Javascript code:  The Javascript source code that will add to the help system.

*    Style sheets code:  The style sheets that will add to the help system.


4.       Misc

*    Create empty files:  Create empty files for empty topics.  An empty topic is a topic without body.

*    Compress CSS:  Optimize style sheets of the document and reduce the file size.

*    Change Word fonts:  Change all the fonts of the document to the specified font name and size.

*    Show topic number:  Display topic numbers in the topic tree and topic title.


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