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Topic Filter Add-in

The Topic Filter add-in removes the specified topics from the help system.


1.    Text Match:  Remove topics if their heading titles match the find condition.

*    Action

*    Remove topic:  Remove the matched topics. 

*    Remove content:  Remove the body of matched topics

*    Find method

*    Plain text:  Find the topic title like the value of Find textbox, one topic title per line.

*    Wildcards:  Same as above, * and ? are regarded as wildcards.

*    Regex:  Use Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE) to find the topic titles.  The check button is used to validate the regular expression.

*    Match mode

*    Exact match:  The matched topic titles are exactly like the find text.

*    Contains:  The matched topic titles contain the find text.

*    Find:  The find expression, one topic title per line for Plain text and Wildcards.


2.    Style match:  Remove topics if their heading styles match the find condition.

*    See also:  Text match


3.    Bookmark match:  Remove topics if bookmarks in their headings match the find condition.

*    See also:  Text match


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