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Help API Add-in

The Help API add-in is the user interface for Help API.  The Help API is the Application Programming Interface for the help system.

1.    Help Id/Alias customize:  Customize Help Id and Help Alias.

*    From hidden field:  Create Help Id and alias from hidden field.

*    Non-English alias:  Allow Unicode alias. 

*    Id Start:  The help id number.

*    Include bookmarks:  Create help id and aliases for bookmarks in Word document.


2.    Filename customize:  Customize the topic filenames.

*    Filename rule:  The rule for filename topics.  This option is for context-sensitive help and you may ignore this option if you do not intend to use the help file in a context-sensitive environment.

*    Alias:  Help Alias as filename.

*    Title:  Topic title as filename.

*    Non-English name:  Allow Unicode filename.

*    Long name:  Use long filename.  Default filename size is 32.

*    Word case:  Case of filename.

*    Full path:  Use tree path as filename.

*    Help Id:  Help Id as filename.

*    Index:  Indexed number as filename.

*    Topic number:  Topic number as filename.


3.    Help Id/Alias Const File:  Create the Help Id/Alias const files for your applications.

The Help Id/Alias const files are saved to the output folder.  Please add the const file to your program to use it. 

Please refer to Help API for more information.


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