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The toolbar and menu

Help Authoring Suite 2012 Toolbar

*    New:  Create a new help project based on the default settings.  The drop-down menu item “Save as default settings” saves the default settings.  See “New” drop-down menu.

*    Open:  Open an existing help project file (*.mohas).  See “Open” drop-down menu.
Help Authoring Suite can also open Word-2-Web and Word-2-CHM project files (*.word2web, *.word2chm).

*    Save:  Save current help project to a .mohas file.  See “Save” drop-down menu.

*    Build:  Create the help files for the selected help formats.

*    View:  Open the help files for the selected output formats.  See “View” drop-down menu.

*    Output:  Open the output folder in Windows Explorer.

*    Easy mode:  Switch between the easy mode and advanced mode.

*    Options:  Change application settings.

*    Help:  Open the help file.  See “Help” drop-down menu.


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