1 Overview
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Why Word-2-Web?
1.3 Editions and Features
1.4 System Requirements
2 A Quick Tutorial
2.1 Preparing Word Document
2.2 Launching Word-2-Web
2.3 Configuring a Template
2.3.1 Opening the Template Settings Dialog
2.3.2 Selecting a Template and Apply a Preset
2.3.3 Modifying Template Settings
2.4 Creating Web Help files
3.1 The Toolbar
3.2 Input and Output
3.3 Converting Buttons
4.1 Basic Options
4.2 Enhanced Options
4.2.1 Cross-reference to hyperlink
4.2.2 Add Index Entry
4.2.3 Language
4.3 Advanced Options
4.3.1 Merge Sub Docs
4.3.2 Custom Root Level
4.3.3 Max tree level
4.3.4 Merge Topics at Level
4.3.5 Page filename rule
5 Add-ins
5.1 HTML Replace Add-in
5.2 Media File Add-in
5.2.1 Insert a Media Link
5.2.2 Format of Media Link
5.3 Content Remover Add-in
5.4 Ignore Topics Add-in
5.5 Multi-Language Add-in
5.6 Miscellaneous Add-in
6 Recreating Web Help System
6.1 Saving Word-2-Web Project
6.2 Opening Word-2-Web Project
7 Using Command Line
8 Creating Customize Template
8.1 Basic Concepts of Template
8.2 Contents of a Template
8.2.1 Settings.xml
8.2.2 Settings.Preview.html
8.2.3 Template.nuva
8.2.4 Other Files
8.3 Template Tag and Nuva Language Reference
8.3.1 Build-in variables
8.3.2 Template Defined Options Output Statements File Statement If Statement For Statement Foreach Statement While Statements Try Statements Functions and Classes
9 Working with Security Software
9.1 Solution I
9.2 Solution II
10.1 How to convert multiple Word document to a single Web help?
10.2 How to omit some topics of Word document?
10.3 How to add flash files?
10.4 How to convert Word to Web files automatically?
10.5 How to create multiple language web help?
10.6 How to create a hyperlink to a specified topic?
10.7 How to open a specified topic without topic tree and other panels?
10.8 How to create a hyperlink to a bookmark in a specified topic?
10.9 How to create a hyperlink to web help and search a specified keyword?
10.10 How to create a hyperlink to web help and active the index tab?
10.11 How to add annotating text to pictures?
11 FAQ and Tips
11.1 Error Message When Create Web Help
11.2 Troubleshooting
12 Registering Word-2-Web
13 End User License Agreement